Green G. brand signifies nature and its beauty. It stands for lasting design, luxury and quality. Fine jewelry as wearable art. Unlike branded watches, a lady with a good taste of fine jewelry does not like to choose a piece of jewelry as everyone else. For her, a branded watch represents her status in society whereas a designer jewelry signifies her personality. She may go with the flow for her wrist watch, but she will not compromise her jewelry as she will not compromise her personality. 

That is why in Green G. we will not compromise our quality. No matter how small a piece of gem-stone is, each piece of gem-stone set in our jewelry is hand-picked by our gem-stone specialists, the more important pieces are selected by the designer herself. Whereas a bigger stone, a richer coloured stone, a whiter diamond will cost a higher price, a better cut can deliver much better value with comparatively little price premium. Therefore in Green G. we put a high emphasis on selecting gem-stones with the best possible cut, working within the budget constraint of our clients. Brilliance is what we look for in our faceted gem-stones.

Our designer Sabina has a discerning taste on colours and their interplay, one of the very best among international jewelry designers, as can be seen in her many beautiful jewelries set with coloured stones. Saturation is the most important attribute in choosing a piece of good coloured stone. Most professional jewelers understand that. And a more saturated stone will command a higher price. The more professional a jeweler is, the better price he can get for his stones. As specialist in coloured stones, we at Green G. compare the performance, saturation and other attributes, against its asking price all the time. Therefore we can create jewelries with better stones at a better price. Adding value to our beautifully designed jewelries. Our designer Sabina is also an expert in fashion jewelries, with the experience of managing her fashion jewelry business in Seibu Department Store’s high fashion apparel department for many years, working directly with celebrities or their image consultants. Fashion jewelries are for the season while fine jewelries are for the long term. Maintaining the right balance is most important for fine jewelries – trendy yet built to last!

Sabina’s designs are creative, wearable and able to stand the test of time. A few years ago when Sabina was invited to contribute a design to the contemporary jewelry design source book 500 Wedding Rings, she insisted on achieving the objectives of creativity, wearability and lasting. She created her Love Tree Ring inspired by the poetic line That we wished to fly in heaven, two birds with the wings of one, and to grow together on earth, branches of two trees as one. And Love Tree was destined to become one of Green G.’s many lasting designs. Most designer jewelry brands subcontract part, or even most, of their works to outside workshops, as a result, maintaining the same standard for each piece is difficult for them to achieve. In Green G. we work differently. All our jewelries are crafted in our workshops in China and Hong Kong, using the latest equipment, including lasers and micro-setting, and employing only the most experienced craftsmen, most of them have been working closely with our designer for many years. Any new creative idea by our designer can challenge the wisdom of our craftsmen, and they have learned to welcome such challenges, excel themselves and deliver the best. We therefore can guarantee to deliver superb craftsmanship at all time.

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